Hp Elitebook 8440P

From the outside, the HP EliteBook 8440p is practically identical to its workstation sibling, the EliteBook 8440w. Inside, however, are features more suited to on-the-go executives rather than graphic designers. Gone are the discrete graphics of the workstation, but in exchange, users get about 4.5 hours of battery life. (And you can always upgrade to an eight-cell battery for more juice.)


With a 14-inch screen and starting weight of 4.7 pounds, the EliteBook makes no pretension of ultra-portability, but manages to carry down many features from much larger notebooks. Chief among them: A full array of Intel Core i5 and even some i7 processors, which give the EliteBook power ranging from refined to almost brutish. Consumers also get their pick of Intel integrated graphics, or Nvidia’s NVS 3100.
The upgrade bay can make you add a second hdd with the 2nd hdd caddy for hp elitebook 8440p.

Add SSD to Dell inspiron 14r with the 2nd hdd/ssd caddy

Because it could not stand the original boot speed , and after the card machine to wait two minutes before normal operation.

Optical drive hard drive bays , also with a very convenient access to SATA optical drive to be removed to use as a mobile drive.


Here is the beginning disassemble , 14Rt back only one screw fixing plate , just after the turn on the Collage far gash on it. The original WD HDD apart, onto removable SSD bracket.
The next step is to take out the drive , just need a bit of fixed optical drive screw apart, then push the screw with a screwdriver bit on it. There is mounted on the optical drive HDD drive bays for the dell inspiron 14r.
Prepare boot loading system to the BIOS found Advance → SATA Operation inside the brackets <ATA> changed <AHCI>
Also possible, if not on a whim over some rt is this set of original.

How to upgrade the laptop SSD?

There are several ways to upgrade SSD, one is removed the old hard drive , installed in the original location on the hard disk SSD . Another method is to use the optical drive , the installation of a SSD, the third method is to look at your own laptop there is no MINI-PCIE interface , if there is , you can buy a MINI-PCIE SSD interface . It should be reminded that, for older models, may not miniPCI-E interface.

Here introduce the two way: Hard disk drive bit conversion tutorial

1. Preparation Tool Screwdriver purchase a 12.7mm/9.5mm hard drive bays purchase a notebook drive box , see their usage, this truth can buy hard disk tray.

2. Open notebook drive to remove a screw in the middle position , and then gently pull out the CD-ROM CD-ROM on top of the iron plates used to secure the take down , this needs to be installed on the hard drive bracket above the drive’s panel pop up, easy to take snaps drive , CD-ROM has four snaps , take the time to be careful to cancel the drive’s panel is to be installed to the hard disk tray above the modified through this notebook look is still the same .

3. Asked to install a hard disk installed in accordance with iron plates for fixing the position well before the CD-ROM drive installed in accordance with the position of the panel before the drive’s good to drive into the hard drive tray, and then on the buckle, and then install the two screws on the back of the hard drive to install good notebook installed tray insert screws.

4. Not surprisingly, then start testing , you can see two hard drives in the BIOS , the default boot from the primary hard drive , you can also adjust your own hard drive from the hard drive boot order has been tested and asked to start the system can be used normally , this is like the installation of multi- gospel system enthusiasts.

Many laptops all can upgrade with the 2nd hdd caddy, example, dell inspiron 1525 2nd hdd caddy, hp pavilion g6 2nd hdd caddy, toshiba satellite l750 2nd hdd caddy

What is 2nd HDD Caddy?

The 2nd HDD Caddy is a optical drive bay for a hard drive which you can mount inside your laptop. This caddy fits perfectly in the bay where normally your optical drive (dvd-drive) is located. This allows you to swap your optical drive with the HDD Caddy.


If you want to add a second hard drive, then you can order this 2nd hdd hard drive caddy for your laptop. The installation of the HDD Caddy can be done in ten minutes. You can often remove the dvd-drive by taking out a screw at the bottom of your laptop. When the screw is removed you can take out the dvd-drive and replace it with HDD Caddy and a second hard drive. Then put the screw back in.