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Add SSD to Dell inspiron 14r with the 2nd hdd/ssd caddy

Because it could not stand the original boot speed , and after the card machine to wait two minutes before normal operation.

Optical drive hard drive bays , also with a very convenient access to SATA optical drive to be removed to use as a mobile drive.


Here is the beginning disassemble , 14Rt back only one screw fixing plate , just after the turn on the Collage far gash on it. The original WD HDD apart, onto removable SSD bracket.
The next step is to take out the drive , just need a bit of fixed optical drive screw apart, then push the screw with a screwdriver bit on it. There is mounted on the optical drive HDD drive bays for the dell inspiron 14r.
Prepare boot loading system to the BIOS found Advance → SATA Operation inside the brackets <ATA> changed <AHCI>
Also possible, if not on a whim over some rt is this set of original.