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How to upgrade the laptop SSD?

There are several ways to upgrade SSD, one is removed the old hard drive , installed in the original location on the hard disk SSD . Another method is to use the optical drive , the installation of a SSD, the third method is to look at your own laptop there is no MINI-PCIE interface , if there is , you can buy a MINI-PCIE SSD interface . It should be reminded that, for older models, may not miniPCI-E interface.

Here introduce the two way: Hard disk drive bit conversion tutorial

1. Preparation Tool Screwdriver purchase a 12.7mm/9.5mm hard drive bays purchase a notebook drive box , see their usage, this truth can buy hard disk tray.

2. Open notebook drive to remove a screw in the middle position , and then gently pull out the CD-ROM CD-ROM on top of the iron plates used to secure the take down , this needs to be installed on the hard drive bracket above the drive’s panel pop up, easy to take snaps drive , CD-ROM has four snaps , take the time to be careful to cancel the drive’s panel is to be installed to the hard disk tray above the modified through this notebook look is still the same .

3. Asked to install a hard disk installed in accordance with iron plates for fixing the position well before the CD-ROM drive installed in accordance with the position of the panel before the drive’s good to drive into the hard drive tray, and then on the buckle, and then install the two screws on the back of the hard drive to install good notebook installed tray insert screws.

4. Not surprisingly, then start testing , you can see two hard drives in the BIOS , the default boot from the primary hard drive , you can also adjust your own hard drive from the hard drive boot order has been tested and asked to start the system can be used normally , this is like the installation of multi- gospel system enthusiasts.

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